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An Excerpt from Build the New City!

From the Introduction: America needs a new peacetime challenge. We need a new national project. One that will unite the people of our country in mind and spirit, and one that will excite the imagination of just about everyone, young or old, who has ever wondered what marvelous things mankind can achieve when we set our minds and our wills to the task. I am proposing that America set a goal of building a completely new, ultramodern city from the ground up—literally and figuratively—and fully populating that city within a span of ten years. Think about how exciting and inspiring such a project would be: An entire, ultramodern city, completely preplanned, entirely wired for modern telecommunications systems, designed with people-moving capability from mass transit to bicycle routes to pedestrian access, and using green technology to minimize environmental impact and even eliminate pollution. In this book, I detail how all of this can be done, and also the range of benefits that such a project will provide, including:
  • Job creation/economic development
  • A range of affordable housing for different income levels
  • Educational-system improvement
  • Infrastructure improvement
  • A whole new export industry for U.S. companies (building New Cities in foreign countries)
  • Relocation of possibly millions of people from harm’s way in low-lying coastal areas
  • Environmental reclamation of “clean” coastal/tidal areas

Yet the most valuable and longest-lasting benefit building the New City will generate is an enormous boost in the pride, morale, and outlook of the nation.

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The New City will create unprecedented national buzz and excitement based not on the fear and anxiety of the war on terror, but based on positive aspirations of accomplishing something—together—that will be a real benefit to people and a source of pride for Americans everywhere. It will be a massive peacetime investment into infrastructure development here at home rather than the continued spiral of military spending on weaponry and war material that is ultimately shipped overseas, much of it destroyed or later abandoned at the conclusion of the conflict. What a fantastic macro-project building the New City will be for America! An important goal—and an impetus for the writing of this book—is to get people involved and to seek out great ideas from people of all walks of life for building the New City and making their own individual contributions to getting America moving again economically, as well as helping to restore our national pride and spirit. As you read this book, I encourage you to go to the website to post and share your ideas. Let’s make this a national effort, and a project “By Americans For Americans.” Get It!

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