Todd Durant

Todd Durant

IT Professional. Think. Writer.

Todd Durant is an IT specialist with 25 years of experience in solving complicated communication and infrastructure problems for large corporations around the world. Todd prides himself on “analyzing the impossible and finding a solution for it.”

Recently, Todd has turned his attention and analytical skill to three serious challenges facing America today: the need for more and better paying American jobs, the scientifically documented rise in sea levels that threatens low-lying coastal areas of our country, and the general malaise and lack of direction that seem so very deeply to afflict our American spirit. In an utterly non-political approach, the author proposes the creation and development of a massive, world-class city—but more than a city. Rather, an ultra-modern “technopolis” in which intelligent systems are built into the very infrastructure of buildings, offices, and homes, and linking everyone through a common backbone of information and communication technology within a truly “smart city.”

Todd’s innovative ideas have far-reaching benefits for communication, transportation, health care resources, education, and general quality of life for those who will live, work, or simply visit the New City. Such an awe-inspiring project would create as many as 300,000 jobs, provide thousands of living units for people who may want to be relocate from increasingly flood-prone coastal areas of the United States and has the very real potential to become a patriotic rallying point for Americans to build—from scratch—the most magnificent city the world has ever seen!

Todd Durant is an avid reader, history buff, and Star Trek fan who loves solving problems—even in his spare time. He is Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Board of Duncanville, Texas, where he lives with his wife Amy and his son Trey.

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