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Job Creation

Imagine instead of sending Billions of dollars over seas to fight wars, What if we took that money and paid Americans to build a city that the country badly needs
What if the country rallied around an endeavor that was not war related – something that could unite us instead of divide us?
What if there were hundreds of thousands of jobs available and there were short apprenticeships where someone could learn skilled trades as well as white collar professions like accounting, law and health?
Imagine what an export industry this could be if America could build other cities across the world

My PLAN for the FUTURE

Modern Planning and Zoning

Imagine if we were able to zone a city from scratch – implement what we have learned about how people want to live?
Imagine if we were able to locate power plants, recycle plants and other heavy industry where they can most efficient
What we could design a city from scratch with input from the people who live there?  What if the goal was to provide nice affordable living with built in learning and health centers?

My PLAN for the FUTURE

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Imagine if we were able to implement all we have learned about green tech for the last 50 years at one time?
Imagine if we had electric charging stations already built into the infrastructure?

My PLAN for the FUTURE

Beautiful Living - affordability

Imagine if every neighborhood had a wide range of homes affordable to all
Imagine if your local government was transparent and everyone in the community was able to participate Imagine if mass transit was able to quietly run right under your apartment building?

My PLAN for the FUTURE

Digital Education

Imagine if there was wi fi city wide
Imagine if instead of building preschools, middle schools, high schools and colleges – we built learning centers where we can educate everyone efficiently, get maximum use out of our buildings and take advantage of Massive Online Course

My PLAN for the FUTURE

Proactively planning for coastal disasters

Relocation of millions out of harm’s way in low-lying coastal areas

My PLAN for the FUTURE

Active Lifestyle

Imagine if mass transit stops were within 1/2 mile of your work, home and shopping and you didn’t have to wait – you could call the transit car whenever you want on your smart phone?
Imagine if bicycle paths actually went to your job, work, school and shopping.
Imagine if you didn’t have to drive your kids to school because the transportation system was safe, fast and went from homes, to schools to work?

My PLAN for the FUTURE

Thank you for your interest.

Please support me by purchasing the book and after you read it, suggest it to someone else. Once you read, please make suggestions…


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