Build the New City!

The New City is a brilliantly conceived project that will potentially create nearly 300,000 jobs in the short term of a few years and well over a half million long-term and permanent jobs over the next ten years.

In addition, building the New City offers exciting new solutions to a range of problems facing America in the 21st Century:

  • Relocate people living in coastal areas who face ever-increasing risk of more catastrophic storm damage and flooding due to rising sea levels
  • Provide relief to coastal cities that are overcrowded and expensive by moving some of their populations to the New City
  • Provide a showcase for American green Technologies
  • Provide a peacetime national project that benefits AMERICA

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America needs a new peacetime challenge. We need a new national project. One that will unite the people of our country in mind and spirit, and one that will excite the imagination of just about everyone, young or old, who has ever wondered what marvelous things mankind can achieve when we set our minds and our wills to the task.

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Paperback and Kindle Formats Available

Paperback and Kindle Formats Available

Available for your Kindle and as a 190-page paperback as well.

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